I am a communications & publishing professional turned Amazon #1 bestselling author and publisher. I have been in the communications & publishing industry since the early 2000s and have worked with Oxford University Press for almost eight years.  

From setting and editing magazines and newsletters to copyeditor, development editor and commissioning editor, to a blogger, an author to the Founder and CEO of my publishing house, it has been a fulfilling journey.


How this journey began

When my 5-year-old daughter got 0 and 1 marks in her tests and my younger son was 6 months old, I decided to leave the corporate world (2014) even though I was heading a commissioning team at Oxford. 

I wanted to spend time with my kids and explore ways to make a difference. This search led to me to discover blogging, then self publishing, then writing and self publishing my own books. 

In 2017, I wrote my first book about my journey through the grief and despair at the death of my firstborn twin son in April 2009 and how I found comfort and hope in GOD. And the rest just came together. 

Through my boutique publishing house, Fount of Grace Creatives, we help impact-driven changemakers share their story and message and become published authors.

I have published on international publications like Thrive Global, the Good Men Project, Momspresso and Raising World Children.

I am passionate about encouraging changemakers and visionaries to write their own stories and share them with the world. I help them share their stories, maximize their impact and create a ripple effect by writing and publishing their books. 

My Mission

To empower women changemakers and visionaries to share their stories and message, maximize their impact and create a ripple effect by writing and publishing their books and expand their reach.