From the time you embark on the writing of your book till the time you publish the book and hold it in your hands, there are a lot many links in the publishing chain. Some are easy to work on, some are not so easy. The process might be easy for some and not for others.

To empower you to share your stories, maximize your impact and create a ripple effect by writing and publishing your book, we offer you our support and the following services. 

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Writing Coaching

Our team will work with you on your book idea, content plan and the strategy to write the book and make an impact & create a ripple effect

Publishing Consulting

Our team will devise strategies to produce and publish your book, reach #1 bestseller status, and ways to market the book

Writing & Publishing
Online Course

Passion to Published will teach you how to write your book, brand yourself and publish your book. Live course STARTING SOON

Done For You

We have customized packages available for you to choose from for book production, publishing and marketing your book

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