For me, writing has always been a passion. I have multiple international Amazon #1 bestselling books to my credit and have written across a range of genres and subjects. Starting from the taboo subject of infant loss, to a fantasy middle grade novel, to being a part of an inspirational book written by moms from across the world, to a short story on a person’s outlook despite being HIV+ and a biographical book to commemorate my maternal grandfather’s 100th birth anniversary.

I have developed and commissioned many books during my tenure at the Oxford University Press in the areas of business management, hospitality and media studies for higher education students. Some have also won awards.

Through my creative agency, Fount of Grace Creatives, we provide publishing services to authors like editing, typesetting and interior design, cover design.

Books Written by Rebecca

My Angel in Heaven

The book chronicles my journey through the grief at the death of my firstborn twin son Jacob on the third day to finding comfort and peace in GOD.

The book became an Amazon #1 bestseller in US, UK, India and Australia across multiple categories

“When something tragic happens, there are two options: you can go away from God or come ever closer to Him. The closer you come to Him, the more He will draw near to you.” This is my favorite quote from this book, which centers around the author’s journey of heartache, healing, and finding a renewed strength. – Jed Jurchenko, author of multiple Amazon #1 bestselling books

 I truly believe this book can help many who have endured a deep loss and cannot find a way to talk about it. This book will show the way. The book has a religious thread running through it and while I am not religious, I found that this thread lent depth to the journey. – Sonia

Break Free

The book is about four friends in school with special powers. Jackie’s life revolves around her family and friends. When her best friends are kidnapped, the shy girl has to break free or become the next target. She rushes against time to rescue her friends in this fantasy book.

The book became a #1 bestseller on Amazon India.

Jackie and Zoey are my favorite characters of this novel. Their superpowers without giving the story away make them very special caring individuals that carry the story. Looking forward to Book Two in this series. – Sherry Bult

When You are Done Expecting

The inspirational book has been written by more than 100 moms from around the world. A range of women from diverse backgrounds and different countries come together to share their own stories about the challenges and the triumphs they have faced as a mother or a daughter.

The book was an Amazon #1 bestseller across US, Canada, India and other countries in multiple categories.

“This book is a wish for you to become a part of this wonderful and terrifying life called Motherhood” – Frank Shankwitz, Founder, Make-a-Wish Foundation

Being Positive with HIV

The short story is about Ryan who lived everyone’s dream life. Until disaster in the form of an HIV diagnosis struck. Abandoned by his family and friends, he has to give up life as he knew it to find the true meaning of life!


The Devadason Legacy

The book commemorates the life and witness of Mr SM Devadason and his 100th birth anniversary in October 2020. One section details his biography and his contributions to his family, his Church and the people around him. The second section is a beautiful collection of tributes and memories from family and friends.

The book was #480 of all Kindle books on Amazon India.

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