Why You Should Write Your Book

Why you Should Write your book

Writing a book provides benefits that are unparalled. There is no better time to write and publish your book than now.



Did you know that 83% of people want to write their own book?

But only a very small percentage actually ends up taking the action and who actually write and publish their books and have them available to the world.

There are many ways one can build their authority and credibility. Having written a quality book keeping your target audience in mind is a sureshot method of being considered an expert in your area.

The time to write is now

There has never been a better time to write than now. You have platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that allows you to reach out to the entire customer base of the online retail giant Amazon with a click of their mouse.

The global world is so inter-connected that you can publish your book in one country, say the United Kingdom, Australia or India and it can become a bestseller in the United States on Amazon.com.

The social media options available is also mindboggling. Facebook has 2.3 billion users who are active on a monthly basis. You read it right, billion and not million! There are so many active on their favourite platforms like Instagram, Twitter and so on, and we can touch the lives of many people around us. 

There are many people who are going through the same struggles that we were undergoing at one point of time and now are free from. Showing them the path to break these chains and live a freer life and a more fulfilled life allows our voice, our story, our book to have a social impact that is meaningful and would create a ripple effect. 

Some reasons to write a book is you can make more of an impact with it, you can reach more people with it regardless of the boundaries of countries and time zones, you can become an Amazon #1 bestselling author and you can create a legacy. 

What is your reason? Why do you think you should write a book?

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